Fluval 306 Review

Fluval has built a solid reputation for their aquarium filters, and as a rule of thumb, they are a brand you know you can trust. Do they keep this trend up with the Fluval 306 external canister filter, as well as the rest of the Fluval 06 series? In short, yes! Want more detail? Read on below for our full Fluval 306 review.


Fluval 306 review

Fluval 306 Information

The 06 series comes as an improvement to the already impressive 05 series, with the Fluval 306 being an advancement in virtually every way compared with its 305 counterpart.

The Fluval 306 filter is the in the mid-high range of the Fluval 06 line up, and it has the specs to back it up. With a flow rate of up to 303 gallons per hour, the manufacturer rates this filter as suitable for aquariums up to 70 gallons. Of course, this depends on how stocked your aquarium is. For an average livestock level though, this filter would do well.

This filter is not small by any means, but if you have the space for it, that is definitely a plus. The large 18 x 7 x 10 inch body allows for a media capacity of 6.6 L, allowing you to pack in all the media you need to keep your aquarium water clean and healthy.

As an all in one filter, it comes ready with the basic media needed to run it, including mechanical filtration, biological filtration and chemical filtration. The media can be easily customized to your own preference, making the Fluval 306 a very versatile and easy to use external filter.

The Fluval 306 motor is powerful and it will maintain a strong, consistent and steady flow of water throughout the filter, and it achieves this wonderfully. Additionally, the impeller has been specially designed from a sound-dampening perspective to minimize vibrations. Compared to previous Fluval filters, the 306 is between 8 to 15 % quieter during operation. In a room with an average level of noise, or even a quieter room, this filter is near enough silent.


Setting It Up and Maintenance

Assembling the Fluval 306 filter is fairly straightforward. The instructions are fairly comprehensive, and they should be enough to help you put everything together and get it started, especially if you’ve ever worked with a canister filter before. Even for beginners, however, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

The ribbed hoses are easy to work with and should minimize the risk of kinks in the tube, so no disruptions to the water flow. If you’re not happy with the included hoses, you are able to replace them with tubing of your own preference. That’s another example of the customizability of the Fluval 306 filter.

Priming the filter is as simple as pumping the primer handle a few times, it really couldn’t be much simpler than this.

Watch the official video from Fluval below to get an idea of how to set this filter up.


Maintenance of this filter is also really easy. The filter opens up with no hassle thanks to the lock-clamps, and the media is kept in individual trays. This allows them to easily be removed individually to be cleaned or replaced. The AquaStop valve is also a useful feature. It makes disconnecting the tubes easy and mess free, while at the same time maintaining the vacuum seal. This means you won’t have to prime the filter unit every time you want to start it after maintenance.

The filter impeller has a self-cleaning mechanism, so that is one less thing for you to worry about. Fluval does recommend inspecting the impeller during your routine maintenance though, as any obstruction will severely reduce the effectiveness of the filter.



Fluval 306Appearance might not be all that important for an aquarium filter, but it is an aspect worth considering. Especially if you don’t have an enclosed space to keep the filter and plan to leave it out in the open.

Right out of the box, the Fluval 306 filter is quite inconspicuous looking. Definitely a good thing in my book, as if you’re not keeping this filter in an enclosed space you won’t want it acting as a visual distraction from your aquarium.

It looks and feels solidly built and well put together. The Fluval 306 has a build quality that suggests the unit will last a long time, and based on user experience this generally is correct. Provided you look after the filter and regularly maintain it, this thing could be keeping your aquarium clean for years to come.



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As our Fluval 306 review shows, if you’re looking for a powerful yet quite external canister filter for your aquarium, you can’t go wrong with this product.

If you have a medium to large aquarium, this filter will ensure your water stays clean and your fish stay healthy. This filter is an excellent option for both beginners and experienced fishkeepers alike, with its simple start up and maintenance routines, while still allowing a large degree of customizability in terms of what filter media you want to use and in what order.

Overall, we recommend the Fluval 306 filter. You can buy it right now on Amazon by clicking here!


Do you have any experience with the Fluval 306, or any other 06 series filter? Leave a comment!

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