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A website by hobbyists, for hobbyists.


Theaquariumexpert.com started when a few close friends had the idea to spread our knowledge of aquariums and fishkeeping. We are all aquarium hobbyists, and we all share a passion for creating beautiful tanks. Between us, we have experience with a wide range of different areas of the hobby, ranging from planted tanks to both freshwater and saltwater tanks, along with all the setup and maintenance that goes with them. We made this website to share our passion and our knowledge with the world.

Our goal is to create content that answers your questions and provides valuable insight into aquarium keeping. If you are a beginner to the hobby, hopefully you find our guides useful in getting you started. If you are a little more experienced, we hope there are still a few things you can learn here. At the very least, our product reviews and buyers guides should prove useful in helping you find the equipment you need to keep your tanks in top condition.

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